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Market Radar for May 2nd (Jobs Day)

Today to me was a very bullish day, Event though we ended flat it was expected in front of a major economic report due out tomorrow. Still looking for new highs and tomorrow could be that catalyst. The big question is do we start to see profit taking after those highs are achieved? The video goes into detail on how the May trade can continue to grind much higher just because we are breaking out of a larger flag and the follow through out of a pattern like this has been extremely bullish. The big counter point is those recnet flag breaks have been accompanied by an oversold daily stochastic reading which is one of my Stochastic Combo set ups. That scenario is not happening and that makes be consider the break out fake out scenario. We should know a lot tomorrow. Tune in before 8;30am et to watch and see the action on www.daytradingradio.com

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