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The Greatest Trade Entry Signal Ever. RamBot is live at

The video is something I almost didn’t make because we are seeing such great results from the RamBot and I am always worried out if I found something special and I shared it would the signal still give such great results? The truth is the RamBot is just one great piece of a puzzle and the other pieces are learned over time or after you to your own quest for perfection in the markets. You will come back , The method here a mathematical in structure and unequaled in my opinion. The failure comes with the lack of discipline on taking only the confirmed signal using the secondary signals to pinpoint your entry and your stop. Failure will come with the greed on keeping your trade on longer then our generated exit signal. So I think the results will inspire some beginners but there is a lot of other pieces to apply to succeed in this endeavor. But the RamBot give you a huge edge and like i said earlier..You won’t find a better Trade Entry Signal

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