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HPS setups the stocks we crushed this week and how to find them for next week

Been working hard to find the stocks that are ripe for a move next week. The past week was just amazing as most of the setups hit there targets and we used great discipline to get out and secure great profits on the week. The market continued to put pressure on the shorts and the more traders expected and called for a pullback the higher the market went. I been down this road many times so I hope most of the members and listeners followed my advise to not short this week and to wait for the markets to get back above 2010-2020.

The Lane Divergence was the key signals that most of the HPS stocks had going into the last 2 weeks and it is hard not to see how well they worked and why I continue to hold this close to Holy Grail Status.. I want to continue to bring the goods but this week the Lane Divergence Buy signals have all but disappeared just like the market bears..

I also did my scans for the Sell Divergences I found 31 candidates but not to many visual signals which I look to trade off. Maybe the closest could be some of the miners $NEM $ABX

So game plan is simple… Slow down there are a few good HPS setups but I need them to come in a bit, As I discuss in the video I am expecting a little more upside but also see the obvious overbought levels on ALOT of stocks. This does not mean we are going down but I will feel great unloading some more longs into a pop early next week.

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