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This weeks HPS Watch List is out and its big

I try to keep the video’s under 40 minutes but I been out the last couple days and put in a whole day of research and charting. A lot of the setups on the video are potential HPS trades I can not take them all and I focused that list down to the best Bets of the week at the end of the second video.

The First Video is the Market radar Video discussing the SPX (S&P 500) outlook for next week along with a preview of some setups and a review of trades from the previous week.

The Second video is the Core HPS watch list so if you are not interested in the radar or review then jump to the second video. The First video has a lot of education and good points to remember when trading and would recommend watching it especially new traders. 

The HPS watch list videos are here for members

As for next week here are the earnings Monday (May 2)

and the Economic calendar 


See you Monday Morning