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DayTradingRadio Project: ApexFutures5K Blueprint: Turn $5k to $10K Futures Trading

I am announcing a project called Apex5K Futures BluePrint . This project has been something I been wanting to do all year and been working on getting it set up for the fall.

The method of trading the futures on the site has always focused around the divergence signals we get with visual observation of the markets and our proprietary signal bots. The method has been refined over the years slightly and at this point I think it is the straightest road map to success or what i will call from now on the blueprint.

The introductory Video is about an hour long and just goes over how this will play out. It’s a great overview video for the methodology and explains where you can follow this and how to participate in it.

In a nut shell we want to double our account from 5k to 10K. This has to be done in a very controlled method, I will be doing this as part of the daily show. You can take part in the whole process or just learn from it. I will also covering everything else along with the HPS Stocks and Options. More details to come

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