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Random Thought on a Friday as I discuss new position that I have taken

Just finishing up the first week of our 2 week open house this happens only once a year. The last 3 days I demonstrated what you can do with little money trading the spy options based on the 60 min time frame.
Simple strategy but requires patience to get the optimal setup. When you gain 45% on you money on your last 3 entries, it’s not a fluke.
It won’t setup everyday but on average I would say 1 every 2 weeks. I am trying to be very transparent here and not blow smoke up your asses. The truth is that money made in the market happens not everyday but more like once a week at best. I am not including scalpers in this study as there is so many time frames to apply our rules and a scalper (or someone who is trading full time can make a living applying those rules) but that also requires years of market experience.
That’s why it so nice to show the bigger pictures and if you eventually developed the discipline and patience to trade then these techniques are your ATM machine machine.
Back to the trades
Sell to Close Trade Details SPY 03/17/2017 237.00 C CALL SPDR S&P 500 $237.00… 5@ $1.70 +.55
This trade based off a 5 minute and 60 minute chart. Something I teach each day. Bought 5 spy options at 1.15 each x 100 the amount I put up for this trade was approximately $560.00 not that much. We have been doing this each week.
I sold it for 1.70 for a profit of .55 on each contract x 5 = $275.00 over %50 on money invested which is not that much. Double the money invested and double the profit.
Great setup at the right time and place
The day is wrapping up now but check out the open house next week www.openhouse.daytradingrado.com
Long $gild $cmg, $prgo, $eat
See you in the markets

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