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New HPS watch list and Happy Fathers Day

The week ended not far from where we started off, We are past the rate rise, the Sessions testimony, UK elections and not to forget to mention a couple terror incidents. What is keeping this market up is the question I get asked most these days. The answer is simple..this is the way things are, We have come from being keyboard cowboys, dealing with the SOES Bandits, and boiler room scams, online pump, and dump and many other get quick techniques to watching the fed  reign in volatility and basically take a hand holding position on the stock market.  adding liquidity when needed or implementing new regulations to ensure a steady slow move higher.  It will be hard to see the next big black swan that will affect the markets, even if you hate how things are going you will be way more successful not focused on why this market is higher and just accept the fact and trade the signals.  This week’s watch list is mostly focused on current setups. the market has been choppy for the last 10 days and currently right in the middle of that 10-day range. I am cautious on the latest Obstruction of Justice investigation and feel there is going to be some more news(noise). Timing uncertain. 
Next week I will be more focused on trading the Es and SPY options off the Tradeometer. 
Next Week’s members Watch List is here Members Watch ListThis  past week’s HPS triggers


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