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Special 2018 Best Bets , Top 10 stocks to be in

I am using the last watch list of the year to put out my list of 10 stocks you could hold for the year and get a fantastic return on investment or just continue to trade them using the HPS method. These stocks will and should be a one of your core list of stocks that you continue to trade throughout the year whenever the setup triggers. ( you don’t have to worry about all that, that’s what I do for you). 

I also use the video as our first market radar and look at how the markets are shaping up for next year.

As a special bonus, I give you 3 stocks I expect to either be taken over or have some big news in them that will give you a huge return. These are a slightly higher risk but worth looking into.


View members Video here www.hps.daytradingradio.com

For information on a Premium Membership $49.95/ Month click on the link below to see all the benefits.

Along with this “Members Video”, I am releasing a special member interview with Maximillion


Started off with an update on Bitconnect and then Had a call in from one of our top traders Maximillion. We had a nice discussion on Bitcoin and the turned the discussion to his experience in trading and how he turned the corner from a trader who lost a lot of money to now having millions in the market at any one time. There are some great nuggets of wisdom in this interview and We are proud to have Maximillion as a member.  Maximillion’s portion of the interview starts at the 8:52 mark



Happy New Year


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