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How to Set up your Charts and What indicators you need.

As a new trader to DayTradingRadio you might need to catch up on some of the obvious but not necessarily known indicators on the charts you see every day. This video is to introduce you to the basic outline of my trading chart setup, including all the indicators I use and some info on those. This is just 1 of 3 chart types I use and will follow up with others in the future. These indicators will be your foundation to the techniques learned here. It is broken down into the most logical and direct methods. As a beginner, there will be a lot to learn but you will make progress fast. I will also point out that with this video intro you will have a playbook full of trade setups to get familiar with. As a member of DayTradingRadio you will be taught the HPS methodology and the top techniques to use each day no matter what the market does. The Learning curb will be crushed and each day you will get closer to the ultimate goal of being a full time / trade when and where you want trader. We have hundreds of traders every day working together as a team. Welcome to the Team

If you would like to accelerate the learning curve then I have all the course material and methodologies organized and broken down into 2 courses Those are best 2 ways to get up to speed.

www.theschoolofstock.com HPS Course and Divergence Course


Video Link https://youtu.be/L9fd5NH4IUc



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