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HPS watch list worth thousands and a special research Video

  Another 2 part video, This is Part 2 and the condensed HPS watch list, with best bets. IBM and PKG are my favorites for this upcoming week. the IBM is really paying off and the MO is also and continues to be on the list heading towards its target. I also go into some shorts that could be playing out soon $PG, $IMAX, and the recent $FB short still looks great even though we took half off I want to hold the other calls for a further drop. Great to be back in the markets and back on the air. Dont want to miss next week on the show. There will be a lot of news items that can move the market in a big way . Fed minutes, Chinese trade delegation, Mexico NAFTA agreement, Powell Jackson Hole speech) plus monthly OPEX is over and behind us. We are well positioned. Members Video and research Session Video i


Research video: Public  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeBjBhtOdIM&feature=youtu.be


Members Watch List video can be found on your Dashboards under HPS Video


On Fridays I am usually of the air and working on the members HPS Watch List I decided to bring back the Back Stage Pass. This is where I will do some of my research live with members on the DTR auxiliary channel. Its a great early look at some of the candidates for the HPs and the techniques and criteria I have to find them. Overall great info and education, It does not show the Buy entries and HPS charts I ended up doing a separate video outlining the final HPS Setups with Buy triggers, profit targets and Stops all laid out for you.


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