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What Type of Trader Should You Be? Keys to Success.

A little Background but everything can always be found at www.daytradingradio.com


I started Trading in 1992 at the time I was working at the post office as a mail carrier, but i had the bug I was introduced to trading by my martial arts instructor Virgil, I remember those day well and can also say that those days are long gone. Those were the wild west days of the day-trader, with boiler rooms and pump and dumps running rapid. At the time I was a technical break out trader, We used to trade on these FM frequency machines called Quotetrak something like that. Anyway there was no charts it was like reading a ticker and we would plan out our trades the weekend before by looking at these s&P 500 books that would be deliver by mail each week. From my recollection I think we mostly traded breakouts and set alert on the machine based on the charts. It just happen to be that those same setups tend to act the same way after all these years. We have many traders in our chat room trading this method even one of our elite traders Maximillion. This video I discuss my main techniques that after 20 years of trading and after eliminating all that doesn’t work consistently, and the other side of trading ..the mental game and understanding what type of trader you should be.


There is a road map to becoming successful, I know it and can show it but you have to apply it and control it, when I am not around reminding you. Like anything in life there is a best way to do something, Find that way and do it and don’t worry about anything else  life is to short. Take a chance test the strategy, feel free to ask me for help, I know this is a path to wealth. Happiness you have to find yourself.





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