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$VERU Oncology Stock, Whats next and why i am adding

Veru is a stock that I have been trading over the last year and started to buy it around 1.30. This was soon after there merger with Aspen Park Pharmaceuticals. The focus is now on some pipeline drugs that are in different phases in their trials.. These trials will be completed before the end of the year and we should expect a possible as early as Oct This mean the recent insider, not required to buy. I stepping up at this level. This might be the only window of opportunity they have before results come and the stock moves much higher. Due your own research and check out their drugs and pipeline and presentation, I will b adding early next week and expect a move back through 2.30  before the end of the month. This is very very conservative, but at this price these are big percentages. personally I see 6+ with good news that doesn’t require more testing. second stock I mention is $LIXT  get some…
Next update will discus my reward board for the next levels of VERU




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